The tax on the construction iron was officially reduced.

Construction bar

After the referendum, the decision about the iron stove debate, which started in the construction sector, is being implemented.

The construction industry was accused of not selling products to the domestic market, accusing steel producers, and steel workers argued it was a temporary situation because of supply shortages. It was announced that the government would reduce the tax on the construction industry, and the decision was taken by the Council of Ministers. That decision came into force today in the Official Gazette.

According to this, the customs tax rate for construction steel imports will be 5.6 percent for South Korea, 10 percent for Malaysia, EU member countries and some countries with free trade agreements.

Meanwhile, the decision of the Council of Ministers on the application of customs duty rates of 10-20% on imports of tractors, special purpose motor vehicles, motorcycles, non-motorized bicycles and their parts and accessories has entered into force.

Source : Vatan