In today’s world, Human Resources became an area which requires continous innovation and thereby changing and developing all the time. METAL AT, which sustains its different position as the leader in the sector, acts with the awareness that it can preserve and develop its position in Turkey and in the world only if it the human resources that it has are made continous. METAL AT, moving in accordance with this vision, made it a principle that it shall always add the new ones to the application in the Human Resources area and develop the existing applications.


Our Vision

To be a reliable, effective and innovative company adopting customer oriented service approach.

Our Mission

To be one of the pioneers, dynamic and leader companies offering high quality product and services with the insight of continuous development in the areas that we operate on.

Our Values

  • Innovative
  • Foreseeing
  • Customer and Quality Oriented
  • Reliable and Honest
  • Hard-working
  • Believing in Team Work
  • Valuing and Relying on People
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