Donald Trump

Trump will melt the $ 1 billion Turkish steel.

With the lobbies of the US steel giants, President Trump’s plans to restrain steel imports have made the sector nervous. “We are losing $ 1 billion in exports,” said EIC President Ekinci. The steel sector, which accounts for 7 percent of Turkey’s total exports, is suffering export losses due to anti-dumping investigations that have been […]

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Steel Sector in USA

Steel market is at stake in the USA

The steel sector, which accounts for 7 percent of Turkey’s total exports, suffered export losses due to anti-dumping investigations in various countries; Attempts by the US to limit the imports of steel, which is the largest export market of the sector, could further impose Turkish exporters. According to President of the Association of Steel Exporters […]

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Iron Bar

Steel sector exported 10.9 million tons in 7 months.

Steel Exporters’ Association announced export of January-July 2017 period. Accordingly, when iron and steel products entering the activity area of other steel companies are added to the direct exports of the steel industry, Turkey’s total steel exports in the 7 months of 2017 amounted to 11 million 300 thousand tons in quantity and 7 billion […]

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Increase in Exports of Mediterranean Exporters’ Unions.

Mediterranean Exporters’ Association (AKİB) Coordinator Chairman Arslan, said that “in the first month 7 2016 5 billion 584 million dollars in the exports in the same period increased by 23 percent to 6 billion 889 million dollars to upgrade this year,”. Mahmut Arslan, Coordinator of Mediterranean Exporters’ Associations (AKİB), said that unit exports increased by […]

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TIM: In July, exports increased by 31.2 percent year on year.

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TEA) announced export figures for July in Vestas City in Manisa. TIM President Mehmet Büyükekşi announced that in July, exports increased by 31.2 percent to $ 11.47 billion. According to the statement by Büyükekşi, Turkey’s exports in July amounted to 11 billion 474 million dollars with an increase of 31.2 percent compared […]

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AKİB’s iron and steel exports increased!

Iron and steel exports by AKIB reached $ 1 billion in the first six months of the year, an increase of 77 percent over the same period last year. According to the joint statement, exports of iron and non-ferrous metals in Turkey increased by 21 percent in the first six months of 2017 to $ […]

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Construction bar

The tax on the construction iron was officially reduced.

After the referendum, the decision about the iron stove debate, which started in the construction sector, is being implemented. The construction industry was accused of not selling products to the domestic market, accusing steel producers, and steel workers argued it was a temporary situation because of supply shortages. It was announced that the government would […]

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